Taming.io foods are the changes that you need to know in taming.io game. The game has added some new items and animals, and changed the skills of pets.

Taming.io foods are the latest taming.io animals. This game had great updates on the 9th and 11th of July this year. That’s new content, new items, new animals, and more. As a gamer who loves this game, you certainly cannot ignore those updates. They will make your experience more diverse and perfect. So, let’s explore them now. They will surprise you!

What do you know about Taming.io game?

Taming.io is an online multiplayer survival game with an animal theme. Players will control their character on a large scale and find ways to tame other animals to grow stronger. Why does this game have a survival element? Because you will have to compete with many animals from other players. There will be dramatic yet fun battles in this game for you to challenge others. So, become the most powerful animal tamer and volunteer on the battlefield.

When you play taming.io online for free, you just need to use your left mouse button to customize the character. At the same time, you will use the arrow keys or WASD to control your animal. Therefore, the control of this game is quite simple. This also stimulates many players to try it on a web browser.

Taming.io foods

This game has continuous updates this July, but there is the latest one that we want to remind you of.

The latest updates in July of taming.io
The latest updates in July of taming.io

Taming.io Foods on 7/9/2021

New content includes:

  • Snow Tree Boss: This is a large snow tree on the map. You should not shake it too much to avoid causing a big snowstorm.
  • Fairy Wings: Faries are now stronger, so you need to put more effort into taming them.
  • You can drag and drop your hats and wings.
  • You can switch between your animals easily with the “Tap” button.
  • And more

Item updates include:

  • The Shield: It will slow down your speed a bit.
  • The Appletor and Golden Appletor: They have a faster fire rate.

Taming.io foods:

  • Devil’s Hand: Its ability deals more damage.
  • Spectrum Boss: Slightly raise its mini-vortex against buildings.
  • A new Boss will appear after you finish an animal.

Taming.io Foods on 7/11/2021

New content includes:

  • A large pile of gold is now in the middle of the map and you cannot destroy it.
  • Mushroom hat: It gets you faster and better protected.
  • Pickaxes: The more hammers you collect, the more damage you will deal with other players. But your damage to buildings will be reduced.

Taming.io updates July items:

  • Daggers: Its damage has been reduced by 2 compared to before.
  • Shields: They are a bit slower but they always take minimal damage.

The animals:

  • Normal Fairy: Its skills are faster and deal more damage.
  • Fire Fairy: Slightly nerfed cooldown.
  • Ice Fairy: Increases the duration of its freezing effect.
  • Ice golem pet: It has more lives.
  • Fir Tree Boss: Its ability deals more damage against other players and buildings.

Those are the latest updates of Taming.io unblocked, of course, they are not all. There are many more interesting things that you can discover for yourself while playing the game. Besides, this game also got a new update on July 21, 2021. And we will introduce to you soon. So please visit our website regularly for Taming.io foods.

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