Try Happy Halloween Event with a lot of cool improvements from contents to bugs! Enter the newest Happy Halloween Event and experience it! Happy Halloween Event includes numerous chapters. And, Happy Halloween is one of them. At the moment, you can explore and share plenty of new content. However, that’s not all because developers decided to upgrade the game you love. So, they have built many enhancements for items and animals. Aside from that, they have already fixed a few crucial bugs. Happy Halloween Event Happy Halloween Event Happy Halloween Event comes out with lots of exciting contents

At present, the new content in the Halloween game will be the first part that you should get before you approach other areas. Actually, the game is ready to give you a list of content that you have never found. Now, here are additions that you can check out:

  • The Legendary Black Cats – They often roam in the Darkness Biome.
  • Legendary Wargs – They also appear in the Darkness Biome.
  • Pumpkins in the map – These will supply wood, stone, gold, gapple, or food bonuses.
  • Mimics – With them, you’ll obtain a 5% chance to find a mimic after you open a chest in the map.
  • New Adventure – There are giveaways. Besides, they will start again at zero and end on November 30.
  • Spooky skins – There are over 200 options. So, unlock and wear them as soon as possible!
  • Shadow Creeps – They can move and spread throughout the Darkness gradually. According to the news Taming game, they will cause damage to those who stomp them. And, they’ll stop if you clear the hive. So, you can search and remove it to tidy up the map.
  • Shadow BMB – Attack and eliminate the hive creep to fight.
  • Shadows – Break up a shadow egg after you destroy the BMB to make it come to sight.
  • Scrappy Shadow – Start a seal on the owner and boost its power
  • Guardian Shadow – Increase its defense ability
  • Adoring Shadow – Level up the heal regeneration
  • Pudgy Shadow – Improve the life
  • Savant Shadow – Make its magic defense better
  • Digger Shadow – Enhance the harvesting speed
    • So, they are passive skills that will support the player. Moreover, they can begin whenever the target is nearby. In addition, their effects will pile up over time. Then, you can choose your favorite spot to call for the clone if you have a Warg. Happy Halloween Event & Balancing, Items, Animals, and Bugs

Right now, there are important issues relating to balancing in the new updates. Not only that, you can look up several upgrades for other problems.

  • Balancing
    • First of all, they have switched off the Birthday Event.
    • Secondly, you or other players can’t own more than 3 non-slot pets anymore.
  • Animals
    • Currently, they decrease the defense ability of Baby and Adult Easter Bunny.
    • Additionally, they nerfed the blood-healing ability of the Easter Bunny.
    • As well, developers reduced the strength of the Wargs clone.
    • Furthermore, the bee hives will produce more food. And, the skill cooldown is no longer the same as before.
    • Also, developers cut down the cooldown of the Flying Squirrel. Play online full screen and the hazelnut will grant more food.
    • Along with that, they reduced the BMB dog speed.
    • From now on, the ability of Mauver cannot work on clones or passive abilities.
  • Items
    • Boosted the door limit (6-8)
    • Upgraded the glove gathers with speed
  • Bug fixes
    • Developers of the game solved the issues that the Discord and Reddit Community had offered

Finally, participate in the Happy Halloween Event released and share it with buddies. More importantly, you can try every Halloween Taming guide available on our site.

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