Taming.io new Kangaroo is a cute pet with lots of amazing abilities in the latest update. Besides Taming.io new Kangaroo, you can also explore other new features.

Taming.io new Kangaroo brings a new vibe to the collection of animals. You can explore that new pet as well as other elements in the latest update on 10/10/2022.

Taming.io Kangaroo New Pet Update
Taming.io Kangaroo New Pet Update

Taming.io new Kangaroo is not only one thing to explore but there are other new updated content pieces for players

The latest update on 10/10/2022 added a variety of new content for your exploration. Besides, the update also fixed some bugs.

Below here are the new things in the game.

Taming.io new pet

Kangaroo is one of the best pets in Taming.io game. This pet is able to launch 8 destructive punches continuously. These punches also defeat the targets in an easy way. Since this pet is a Combat type, it will be easy for it to perform those punches.

The Baby of Kangaroo in Taming.io Game
The Baby of Kangaroo in Taming.io Game

You can only catch sight of the Kangaroo in the desert biome of the game. There are some types of the Kangaroos such as the Baby Kangaroo, the Kangaroo, and the Boss Kangaroo.

In this update, the tail of the new Kangaroo in Taming.io game is also upgraded, making this pet stronger. Besides, you will also find it easy to unlock this pet in Taming io.

Other miscellaneous contents in Taming.io new update

Now, you can unlock over 100 Spooky Cosmetics and you can access them for 2 weeks only. Besides, there are also over 10 new Achievements that you can unlock for having more Golden Apples.

If you are fond of helmets, you can try a new Fairy Helmet. Putting it on makes your Fairy pets stronger. However, this is effective for Reapers.

There is a new Alchemy Chest that you can open every day for a random cooking ingredient. It will be in your inventory then you can use it for potions.

Speaking of potions, the Taming.io new update also features a new Potion Chest. You can purchase it every 6 hours to obtain a potion in your inventory. There are also some new Potions such as Ointment of Insolent Luck, Brew of Golden Blast, and Elixir of Serendipity.

When you buy potion bottles, there is a confirmation popping up. You can also upgrade the appearance of your pets using some pet skins such as Armadillo, Bull, and Giant Mantis.

There are some in-game options that you can modify. For instance, you can turn off the Transparency in the Graphic Settings or turn on the WebGL rendering mode.

When you explore the biomes in Taming io, you will see a Golden Flower. It does not only appear in the forest but also in other biomes. When you damage it you can see a majestic butterfly.

At the end of the game, the captured insects will appear. Besides, you can also explore other elements such as unlocked achievements, tamodex, and potions. When you click the names of players in the global leaderboard, you will see an insectarium of players.

Some elements in Taming.io got balanced

The new update balanced and made changes to several elements. For instance, the update eliminated the Space Event and buffed the cost of the Ancient Chest from 2000 to 2500.

Changes for Potions in Taming.io new update

  • Here are the changes for the Potions:
  • Debuffed the cost of the potion containers.
  • Debuffed the ingredients that are required for potion recipes.
  • Buffed the rate of success of Common and Rare Potions and Repellent Ointment.
  • Increased the spawn rate of the Heart Butterfly from 6% to 9%.
  • The insect’s rarity that is in the biomes got rebalanced.

The update also changes the balance of some items. For instance, the knockback effect is influenced by the cape. The damage of the daggers has increased. Daggers and Cleavers do not deal more damage to their own buildings. For the Lucky Hat, it grows the chance of obtaining some insects.

For the animals, there is a reduction in the aggressiveness radius of the mobs. The Invocated Reaper features more life and deals more damage to buildings. Other animals such as the Adult and Boss Fox Snow Fox, are neutral. This also happens to the Boss Bear and Snow Bear.

The cooldown of the Honey Trap skill is longer. This animal also features less life. For the Bee, it appears a bit more often from the hive, from 15% to 25%.

Taming.io new update definitely upgrades your gaming experience. You will have Taming.io new pet to play with and explore some balanced elements.

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