Taming.io has very unique Taming.io Rabbit pets and cute 2D graphics. Gather ingredients, nurture your animals and fight hard to become the strongest one.

Taming.io Rabbit is the pet of Taming.io game, programmed by web developer LapaMauve. In this game, the goal is simply to live as long as possible. In order to survive in this world, you need a balance between gathering resources and taking care of the rabbit and fighting with them. The longer you last, the stronger you will be and the harder it is to destroy. But do not be subjective because there are other players willing to destroy you at any time.

The gravity mechanism of Taming.io Rabbit

Despite possessing attractive gameplay with upgraded systems, items, and pets, you can play Taming.io free online without having to worry about spending money to play. The game’s control system is also quite simple, suitable for all subjects when focusing on using the mouse to control.

In order to survive, our two main jobs are mining and fighting. Gathering resources can be said to be quite easy. To exploit we just need to press repeatedly until full force is required by the game. There are four types of resources in the game that you need to own are wood, stone, fruit and gold. While the first three can be extracted from the wild, gold requires some form of special structures in order to be mined. But do not worry that you will quickly acquire gold if you work hard to exploit other resources.

Especially, each time you click to exploit resources, you also fill the experience bar, thereby opening up new tools and items. With the help of these, our journey will be a lot easier. Because of course, using the tool will make mining faster than manually. In addition, after once leveling up, you will also have more weapons and protective structures

Taming.io Rabbit’s Cute 2D graphics

The 2D design is very cute and attractive
The 2D design is very cute and attractive

The adorable 2D design can make the game more accessible while also reducing the size and hardware requirements of the game. The animals seem to be very aggressive, but the game has been transformed to be more friendly to the player as well as reduce the violence. In addition, the top-down perspective also helps us observe more of the opponents and the surrounding creatures.

Impressive pets system in Taming.io Rabbit

An impressive point of Taming.io online is that you can capture and nurture animals to fight with you. Taming.io all pets have a system of stats as well as pros and cons that suit each purpose and your preferences. In addition you can also equip them with different items to increase strength

Why is Rabbit the right choice for you?

If you want to use a creature with high speed and flexible mobility, the Rabbit is the right animal for you. The rabbit is the second initial pet that is unlocked for everyone, thus has a% 66 chance of taming and becoming almost 90% with a tamed hat, making the success rate almost guaranteed

Characteristics of the species in Taming.io Rabbit

Rabbits are one of many pets that can be tamed. It is a Plant-type pet, thus stronger against Bears and bulls (Water and Rock Type) and weaker against Wolves, Skunks, Polar Cats, and horses (Fire and Poison Types). Taming.io Rabbit skills allow them to summon a large number of trees causing all entities within its radius to take a small amount of damage. After the skill is done, heal yourself and the owner according to the damage done.

Based on this feature, there are many Taming.io Rabbit strategies for you to apply with this pet. The most used tactic is to chase away other players. Because Rabbit is one of the fastest creatures in the game, as well as combined with a basic 4 regen that can quickly regenerate between battles. In addition, you can also equip various items to increase the already weak combat power of this species.

Rabbit damage can be increased by equipping a Leaf Tribal helmet and the Rabbit Tail accessory. Be sure to stay away from any Wolves, Skunks, and Cats, as they can seriously damage your Rabbits. The fastest rabbit out of all the animals in the game, a boss rabbit can kill low-level or low-skilled players in a way. This species is also very small, and can get through tight gaps that some animals cannot.

Three levels of Rabbit

Level 1: Does not do much harm to pets or wild animals. Rabbits are very slow now and can be chased and killed with any weapon except an ax.

Level 2: Use a bow to track the rabbit and don’t let it escape. Try to lure it into stuck between objects for easy destruction.

Level 3: Chase it around in a circle with a melee weapon, such as an Ax or Sword. If you keep running in a straight line, you will die from constant damage by the rabbit. It is very powerful when used well.


Hopefully, through this game, you will have hours of fun but equally dramatic entertainment. Please share your feelings with your friends to have the greatest fun while playing this game.

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