Taming.io unlock pets is an inevitable part of the fun of this game. Pets will help make the game more balanced and lively, so how to tame them to obey?

Taming.io unlock pets gives players a more unique experience when enjoying this survival game. Pets are the most important factor to keep players the longest. Taming.io all animals have different properties, so you will depend on many factors if you want to tame them. Do you want to burn the stage? Let’s tame them our way to the best effect.

Overview of pets and domestication

Taming.io requires players to collect pets to serve in battle
Taming.io requires players to collect pets to serve in battle

As mentioned above, Taming.io unlock pets are relatively diverse and rich with many different species. Basically, they are wild animals, ready to offensive humans before becoming your allies. Therefore, learn how to tame pets to make them effective assistants in survival battles.

Remember, the player only tames pets that are in a sleeping state in Taming.io. Be very careful, because the success rate of the pets in the game is completely different. If it fails, they will come back and offensive your character within a certain range. On the contrary, if successful, you will receive a lot of XP and get a corresponding pet card.

Note, the higher the strength or quality of the pet, the lower the success rate of taming will be. For example, rabbits have a 66% rate, while dragons have a successful taming rate of 8%. Therefore, we can implicitly understand that Taming.io best pets are the ones with the highest stats.

Taming.io unlocks all pets quickly

The process of unlocking and taming pets in the game
The process of unlocking and taming pets in the game

You may not know, the hammer is the weapon that deals high hurt to animals and is the easiest to obtain in this game. Therefore, you need to find yourself a hammer as soon as possible.

After acquiring the hammer, search for an animal that you want to tame. To make sure it doesn’t hurt you, just leave it alone for a few seconds and get out of the area. Then go back to observe the situation. If it doesn’t sleep, persist in doing this several times until it sleeps because this is the right time to tame it.

Do not lose patience during this stage, or it will hurt your character immediately. If it is tamed, you will have the choice of naming it and you can decide to release or keep it.

Overall, this is also the best way to tame and collect pets in Taming.io so far. In addition, the new Taming.io new update will bring more new animals, but we believe the taming method will not change.

General conclusion

The ways we listed above are based on the actual experience of playing Taming.io of many players around the world. Therefore, it may or may not work in different situations. For example, if in a match you meet too many strong opponents, the pet taming process will have to be slower than usual. Because you need to dodge attacks from other opponents if you don’t want to lose quickly. Playing Taming.io unblocked online right now will help you find the most effective ways to unlock your pet. Try our method to see if it really works.

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