Taming.io Update 12/18/2020: Fascinating items, special gifts and brand new cosmetics are waiting for all players to explore! Let's check it out right now!

Taming.io Update 12/18/2020 has released many new features. This game is updated with a lot of special highlights and we promise it will bring you a brilliant experience!

What is Taming.io game?

Taming.io is an online multiplayer 2D .io game. Your goal is to remain alive for as far as might be feasible as you age and accomplish better assets.

This is a survival game in which you control your characters to tame pets, open chest to win awards to build your village.

Play Taming.io Online
Play Taming.io Online

Interesting features are waiting for you in Taming.io Update!

A legendary pet appears for only Christmast day!

Reindeer only appears at the end of the year, on Christmas day, so don’t miss a chance to capture it! It will disappear after the event, so let’s hurry and tame it.

Especially, it is very hard to tame. You must have and use an appletor and a tamer hat. It will increase your chance of catching this pet. It will be a great pet if you have this reindeer.

Christmas Presents are everywhere!

In Taming.io update 12/18/2020, there will be a huge blast of presents. An extremely fast blast accelerates the caster. Gifts fall from the sled which lay around the corner in the game. It may cause you some damage.

But you should utilize this chance. It is only once in life. You can collect and earn awards from these presents. Those items you can earn will help you to tame pets and develop your town.

Santa’s Hat is a effective protect item!

In the Taming.io game, the snow will make you slower and easier to be attacked. This Santa’s hat will help you to protect yourself. It replaces the Chapka on Christmas Day.

Exciting cosmetics is updated in Taming.io Update 12/18/2020

In this updated version of the game, there are more than 100 cosmetics that are hiding in numerous chests in the game. You can unlock the chest to earn those cosmetics in the homepage shop.

But remember, you can only unlock and open it at Christmas. It is only available on Christmas. Gifts in the maps also give you rewards: a golden apple as a bonus for your health.

Check out your record with Taming.io Update

You can see and check your best record that you have made: your best score, best time, best kills in the leader board.

This will motivate you to achieve more and try to play better every day and you can also compete with your friends!

Special highlights in Christmas events

  • Pets are stronger! They will protect you and attack your opponents better!
  • The shield can not use to harvest anymore.
  • Snow rabbit’s skill is changed
  • Christmas trees are replaced with fir trees.
  • Clock for seasons is added.

Bugs in the Taming.io Update

There are feedbacks from players over the world and we are so happy to hear that. Therefore, we can improve and fix bugs in the game.

Thank you all for your support! Hope you help a fun time playing this game. Tips and tricks will help you to improve your score! So let’s find out more about Taming.io game strategy.

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