Taming.io update on 09/20/22 serves you with a variety of new things. This Taming.io update aims to add Potions, balance items, and change animals’ abilities.

Taming.io is one of the most interesting update survival games in the iO games series. You have to gather resources, build buildings, get gold, raise pets, and fight against bosses for your survival.

Taming.io is much better with the latest update on 09/20/22

The game provides players with a variety of amazing new content, making the gaming performance more advanced. Besides, the new update on 09/20/22 also repaired some bugs that players on Discord and Reddit Community sent. Here are the new things for your exploration in this update:

New Potions in Taming.io

There are over 30 new Potions that you can use in the game. So, this is a chance for you try lots of things with them. For instance, you can eat more food, and use more wood and stone, as well as Golden Apples.

If you use a stronger potion, you will find the cooking harder a bit. However, you can utilize a Flask of Stardust to grow your luck to cook food.

There is a new Cooking System that is useful. It helps you catch bugs and cook lots of potions. Besides, you can also use 3 Inventory System Parts in this latest update.

New Potions In Taming.io Has Been Updated
New Potions In Taming.io Has Been Updated

Required cooking elements in Taming.io

There are some elements for cooking in the game. For instance, they are new Flasks, Vials, Decanters, and Bottles. You can achieve them in the shop of the game and then use them to cook food.

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About the new Reaper in the update

In the new update, you can cook a Grim Reaper’s Potion and then appear in the arena with a Reaper. Make sure you cook 50 potions if you want to unlock it.

Over 50 New Space Cosmetics In Taming.io To Unblock Game
Over 50 New Space Cosmetics In Taming.io To Unblock Game

Other miscellaneous things in Taming.io new update

Players can try using some new Space Cosmetics that can be accessed for 2 weeks. Besides, there are over 40 new Achievements that players can unlock. When you unlock them, you can get more Golden Apples.

Don’t forget that you can also unlock some new Pet Skins in Taming.io game. For instance, you can try the skins like Warg, Combat Fairy, Poison Fairy, Dragon, Dragon Fairy, Unicorn, and Fennec Fox.

Taming.io update on 09/20/22 also has some balanced elements

The first element that experienced a change was Wargs. This update of the game eliminated the Wargs. Besides, Taming.io new update also balanced other features such as:

Balanced Items in Taming.io

The daggers damage experienced a reduction. The update also reformed the image of Appletor or Golden Appletor buttons.

Balanced abilities of Taming.io animals

There is an increase in the vulture skill. However, the skill is not more effective over time if you continue stealing from the same player. Vortex Ball has instant damage and the update decreased this ability.

Some skills experienced the buff in the game. For instance, the damage against the Menhir skill and the damage of the stone Golem spikes increased.

Giant Bees are interesting animals in Taming.io game. Now, they come with the same health as bears. They can launch the hive from a further distance.

Taming.io game is now much better to play due to this latest update on 09/20/22. This update improves the gaming performance as well as brings you more fun.

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