Taming.io Wolf brings you great mechanics with easy-to-reach 2D graphics. Gather resources with your wolves and survive in the harsh world for the victory.

The presence of Taming.io Wolf, fierce and powerful pets in the Taming.io game, will definitely bring great appeal to this game. If you are looking for a highly competitive game that doesn’t require too much hardware, this game is sure to convince you with its simple controls.

Game overview of Taming.io Wolf

Taming.io Wolf is a .io game programmed by web developer LapaMauve. Your goal is to live as long as possible while gathering resources and taking care of your pet. The longer you last, the stronger you will be and the harder it is to destroy.

Attractive Taming.io Wolf’s gameplay

The gameplay focuses on two main branches of work: hoarding and fighting. To the resource gathering section, you just need to click on the category you want to exploit until the required force bar is full. There are four types of resources in the game that you need to own are wood, stone, fruit and gold. While the first three can be extracted from the wild, it is necessary to build some special structures in order to possess gold. Especially, each time you click to exploit resources, you also fill the experience bar, thereby opening up new tools and items.

However, the peaceful times may not last long as wild creatures and other players may attack you at any moment. So be prepared to fight at any time. In addition to the weapons that the game provides through each level, we also need to pay attention to build works such as movement or catapult to protect ourselves.

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Cute 2D graphics of Taming.io Wolf

The adorable 2D design can make the game more accessible while also reducing the size and hardware requirements of the game. The animals seem to be very aggressive, but the game has been transformed to be more friendly to the player as well as reduce the violence. In addition, the top-down perspective also helps us observe more of the opponents and the surrounding creatures.

Taming.io Wolf ability
Taming.io Wolf ability

The reason why Wolf is the right pet for you

An impressive point of Taming.io online is that you can capture and nurture animals to fight with you. One of the Taming.io best pets is Wolf. You can own one at the beginning of the game, in addition a Wolf in the wild also has a 66% chance of successfully taming. If you have tamed helmets, your chances of becoming around 90%. In other words, you will almost certainly have your own individual.

Characteristics of this pet

Wolf deals up to 200 damage per hit, rapidly draining the health of enemies. You can use its destruction skill to fend off obstructing buildings. The wolf’s lack of regeneration can be compensated for by potions or add-ons. Wolf’s damage can be increased by equipping the Wolf Tail accessory.

Taming.io Wolf stats
Taming.io Wolf stats

However, stay away from bears or bulls, especially ones owned by other players. Your wolf will not be able to fight those two creatures. On the other hand, you can use this to deal with rabbits. Because the damage they do is significant with a type advantageous attack. Wolves are passive and will run away when attacked, however Adult Wolf and Boss Wolf will attack within sight.

Three evolution levels of Wolf in Taming.io Wolf

Level1: The baby wolf cannot be dangerous to you or your pets. Although its ability is not strong enough to cause significant damage, you should still be on the lookout for it, especially if you are weak.

Level 2: You can use a number of different strategies to fight adult Taming.io animals. Place 2 spikes of any kind next to each other so that Wolf gets stuck in the middle, resulting in burst damage. You can also circle around the wolf or let it chase you while running and hit it without using resources to kill it, however this can damage you,

Level 3: Similar to level 2 Wolves. But be careful when you are near level 3 Wolves because they are very powerful and can do a lot of damage per attack. Keeping your distance and running in circles is risky, but with enough practice it won’t be too difficult.


The game allows you to catch and use a lot of different animals to survive, and surely Taming.io updates many new strains as well. So choose for yourself the type that suits your style of play and personality. But do not forget to collect resources to make yourself stronger every day. Hopefully through this game you will have hours of fun but equally dramatic entertainment.

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