Time Shooter 2

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Taming.io  Date PublishedJune 14, 2022
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About Time Shooter 2

After the success of the first version, Time Shooter 2 comes out with a lot of new content. You will face a large force of enemies, combine combat maneuvers to defeat them.

Enemy forces appear a lot in Time Shooter 2 unblocked, so you need to be careful in every move. Before thinking about defeating them, you should dodge the fire from the enemy to ensure your safety. Don’t forget to check your surroundings when moving because enemies can appear anywhere.

The weapon system in this game is also very diverse, not even inferior to other action 3D games. Weapon is also very important, you should look for the best weapons for each task. For example, use guns with a fast rate of fire like the AK-47 if there are many enemies at the same time.

Play Time Shooter 2 online, you will need to complete the mission. At the same time, you should prioritize attacking long-range enemies first to avoid difficult situations when facing enemies. Besides, calmness and the ability to combine the right actions will help you increase your winning rate.

How to play

Move with arrow buttons or WASD, left click to shoot or pick up weapon, right click to reload or throw weapon

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