About Traffic Tom

Traffic Tom will take players to the endless journey of the main character. Here, you will help him overcome the vast highways or dangerous highways with many obstacles.

If you are looking for racing online games, then the appearance of Traffic Tom 3D will be the right choice for you. This game will take players on long journeys, overcome dangerous challenges in front of them to be able to reach the finish line safely. Initially, players will be provided with a small displacement vehicle, along with a helmet to start conquering the roads immediately.

Basically, the gameplay of Traffic Tom unblocked is relatively simple. The player’s task is to control his car to avoid the obstacles that appear on the way. If you accidentally touch any car or obstacles on the road, it will take you a certain amount of time. Therefore, this game has a built-in countdown system for players to always keep their concentration high. You only have a certain amount of time to reach the finish line, every minute that passes is very precious to you.

After each level, the player will receive a certain amount of bonus. You can use this money to upgrade your car’s engine, the better the engine, the higher the travel speed. Besides, new cars with modern engines are also waiting for players to unlock in the store. Save enough money and own the cars you want. In general, this game is developed based on the format for HTML5 free online so you can experience it right on your browser.

How to play

Use left/right arrows to navigate, and down arrows to slow down the vehicle

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