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About Watermelon Run

Watermelon Run is an interesting endless run game with many obstacles appearing on the screen. You will help your character move to the destination to get the highest score.

Welcome to Watermelon Run unblocked, this is the most worth playing the 3D game on the web browser to date. You will control the main character guy to collect watermelon pieces that appear randomly along the way. The pieces of watermelon have the effect of helping you build bridges or dodge obstacles effectively. In some cases, watermelons will be burned into other fruits and keep moving. Don’t worry too much, no matter what shape, your character will move forward until the finish line.

Despite possessing simple gameplay, it is not easy to win in Watermelon Run 3D. More specifically, if you fall into deep holes, you will have to start the game screen from the beginning. Deep holes appear continuously in the next levels, so you need to make sure you collect enough watermelons to build an effective bridge. Besides, some obstacles will reduce the number of watermelons you own. The only way for you to avoid it is to control the character properly and stay focused throughout the enjoyment.

Play Watermelon Run online to complete all levels available in this game. The level of each level will increase continuously to give players more difficult to enjoy. How many levels can you complete in this exciting endless run game? Besides, do not forget to use the bonus points after each level to change the appearance of the character. While this doesn’t give you an edge when playing the game, it does add to the fun.

How to play

Use the mouse to interact with the game, and hover to navigate the character

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