Zombotron 3

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About Zombotron 3

Zombotron 2 Time Machine also Zombotron 3 continues to revolve around the journey of a hero trying to escape from the planet Zombotron. You are the one who knows his plan best, please help.

The main character’s escape from the planet Zombotron seemed to have been successful. However, he realized that his plane had run out of fuel to take off. Zombotron 2 Time Machine no flash requires you to help him one more time to get out of here as soon as possible.

There are a total of 13 levels where you need to pass Zombotron 2 Time Machine unblocked to complete the assigned task. All are on the planet Zombotron with conti-+nuously increasing difficulty. Therefore, you need to constantly observe the screen and come up with reasonable attack plans. So, you can defeat enemies in this Zombotron game no flash.

In general, this is also considered a Zombotron 3 version inspired by the previous two versions. The way this game operates will not have too many changes so that players can feel the familiarity. However, the content in the game has improved, promising to bring you completely new journeys.

How to play

  • Use the arrow buttons or WASD to navigate the character, R to reload, and Q to change weapons.
  • Left click to perform shooting action, H to use first aid kit and E to interact.

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