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Taming.io  Date PublishedDecember 31, 2021
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About Zumba Mania

Zumba Mania will attract you with an interesting jungle background with the appearance of Zumba the frog. This is a cool match 3 bubble shooting game that you should try.

Are you looking for a cute shooter online style game to enjoy at the moment? Do not miss the appearance of Zumba Mania unblocked at our site with many new improvements. Basically, you will start destroying colorful balls through the instructions of the frog Zumba. The operation is quite simple, you just need to aim and shoot the balls appropriately according to the simple match 3 elements. With 3 balls of the same color near the location, they will automatically explode and give you a certain score. Gradually, the movement speed of the balls will get faster and faster over time. This means you need to make quick decisions and aim accurately to score points if you don’t want to lose.

Play Zumba Mania online, you also have the help of powerful bombs. They allow destroying more balls even if they are not of the same color. Of course, the balls only appear in a few specific situations, so your manipulation is still the most important key to getting a high score. Your goal in the game is to destroy as many balls as possible to get the highest score after each level. Of course, you will have to play the game many times to create new records after each level. Also, click on the score icon to see the worldwide list of top scorers in this game. We are confident that this list will give you a strong incentive to put your name on the top spot.

How to play

Use the mouse to adjust the direction of the ball, press the left mouse button to perform the appropriate action to shoot the ball

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