Taming – The Best Survival Pet Game Online

Every time you reach a level, you will get new tools or weapons. There are many types of animals in Taming.io unlocked to tame and new lands. Control the character is very simple, you use the key (w a s d) to move and click to manipulate. Control the pet with the icons on the left side of the screen. That is all you need to be able to control this game well. You need to carefully consider the above issues if you do not want to just stop at a certain level.

Taming.io Pets

Play Taming.io Online

Taming.io is a world full of cute strong magical animals. It is simple, it is free, and don’t worry, you won’t be alone in the world of Taming.io online, it is an io game online on the browser, you will be playing with other players. Let’s go on an adventure, find and tame more animals, fight along with them, evolve them, and become the master of Taming.io unblocked.

Play Taming.io Fullscreen

Every animal has its specialization, weakness, and strength. Water, fire, earth, plant, electricity, stunt, damage, repulse, regen …what is your favorite? Let’s choose your starting animal and go on your journey.

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Game mode

Play Taming.io Multiplayer Online
Play Taming.io Multiplayer Online

Taming.io is a multiplayer 2D .io game, there will be other players, too, they will become your allies or enemies. In Taming.io’s online world, you will be given one started animal, this little guy will be your first mate in the long adventure ahead and help you tame new animals to build your army, it will protect you from other animals, so you need to choose carefully.

Your biggest goal is staying alive as long as possible and achieving better resources. As you explore the world of Taming.io, you will level up your animal and collect resources by destroying chests, which are placed all around the map. You might even get the special currency – the Golden apple, you can use them to customize your avatar. You can buy it from the shop, too.

Weapons and Health

In the game there are many different weapons and tools (ax, bow, sword, house), you can upgrade them from wood to silver, gold, diamond, quartz.

You will have 100 health when entering the game and wear additional armor that will help protect your health


This HTML5 game was created and developed by LapaMauve. They also made other .io wonderful games like Starve.io, Devast.io, Limax.io …


Taming.io is a .io game online on browser.


You can decorate your avatar using the golden apple – a special item you can earn by finding chests and buy it from the shop.

Released date

Taming.io was released on October 17, 2020. This game is regularly upgraded and updated. More and more exciting new updates are coming your way.

Taming.io Controls

You will have control over both your pet and your character:

How to control your pet: when you use the Shield button, your animals will protect you and when you use the sword button, your animals will attack other animals, using the animals’ special ability by pushing the skill button. If you want your animals to stay in their position, you use the hand button.

How to control your character: you can move your character by using WASD or the arrow buttons, you can hit other players by using the left mouse. If you don’t feel comfortable with the setting control or you don’t remember it, you can change it by clicking on the Settings button (the little gear).

Tips and tricks

When you first level 2 don’t raise your sword. Choose an ax or hammer to find lots of ingredients (stone, wood, food). After level 4 5, let’s start taming.

One small trick for catching animals: build wooden spikers in a circle and trick the animals inside. They will bleed to death on their own.

Animals in game

If you found a new animal and they are sleeping, you can tame it by clicking on the Taming button (a paw). One player can own three animals at the same time. Fighting other player’s animals will help in leveling up your animals. Currently, there are three levels: Baby, Adult, and Boss. As your animals level up, they will become stronger and faster.


How to play Taming.io online?

you can go to the website taming-io.com and choose the game Taming.io. Please remember to read the guide play carefully before you join in our game.

What is the best thing about Taming.io game?

  • Taming.io online is a multiplayer game, you can play and make friends with other players.
  • There are regular updates and upgrades, there will always be a lot of exciting new things waiting for you.
  • Taming.io online is simple yet still gives players a fun and relaxing time.
  • There are a lot of animals for you to choose to be your mate in your adventure.