Taming.io best weapon will help you gain an advantage in combat situations with other opponents. So what is the best weapon? Let's find out with us now.

Taming.io best weapon has the effect of helping players increase the ability to fight for the main character in a strong way. Although there are many types of weapons appearing in the game, we believe that the sword is the most powerful weapon. So what are the pros and cons of the sword? Does it really help you master every fight? Join us to find the answer through this article.

Overview of weapons in Taming.io

As you know, Taming.io gameplay free online belongs to the io genre. Accordingly, this game brings extremely fierce survival battles between pets. Therefore, owning a powerful weapon will help your character become safe and gain an advantage over other opponents.

Weapons in this game are items that help the player deal physical damage or a means of self-defense in combat. Up to now, this game is integrating 6 different weapons for players to choose freely. Includes spear, ant, dagger, ax, katana, shield, and bow.

Each type of weapon will have completely different effects and attack power. More specifically, they will counter each other to create balance in battles. Besides, the level of each weapon will also play a very important role. Because the level is lower, even if the weapon is countered, you can easily defeat the enemy.

Although it is an io game, Taming.io has diverse gameplay, which is relatively difficult for new players. Therefore, do not hesitate to read carefully Taming.io guide to getting familiar with this game as soon as possible.

Taming.io best weapon: The most voted sword?

The sword is considered the most powerful weapon in Taming.io
The sword is considered the most powerful weapon in Taming.io

Compared to other weapons, the sword has quite a lot of advantages and receives a lot of choices from the player. More specifically, in a poll from Taming.io fans, the sword also won the highest number of votes. So what is special about it?

Advantages of the sword

The most prominent feature of the sword in Taming.io is its ability to deal high damage, easy to use and powerful close-range attack. The way to use the sword is also quite simple, you just need to control your character to get close to the opponent to be able to deal damage. Besides, the sword has quite a high diversity, something that the ax can’t have. The sword will help you destroy monsters, fight enemies thanks to the amount of DPS damage and high attack speed.

In addition, players can also use the bow as a great auxiliary weapon for the sword. Bows will add range to your character, so you can deal damage to opponents from near or far. Change these two weapons in each specific situation to achieve the best effect.

Sword is weaker against

The sword offers a lot of advantages to the player, so does it have a downside or can it be countered? Of course, it is, because Taming.io cannot integrate a weapon that is perfect in every respect. As mentioned, swords have the disadvantage of not being able to deal damage from a distance. Therefore, you can use long-range weapons such as bows or spears to make good use of this. Of course, you need to keep enough distance from your sword opponents, because when they get close they can finish you off instantly.

General comments about the weapon in Taming.io

There are many opinions that the new ax is the Taming.io best weapon, but the sword is actually better than the ax in many respects. Although axes can deal more damage to monsters, swords can do it too. Even in PvP battles, the sword is the most powerful melee weapon at the moment. Overall, we can’t deny that the sword could be dethroned after other weapons are released in the near future.

Hopefully, this article will help you better understand tips to win Taming.io game. We believe that weapons are one of the most important factors determining victory in this game. Do you agree with the above opinion? Play now Taming.io Online to your device to test it yourself.

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