Taming.io servers remove the torment from dealing with your worldwide game server foundation, so you can make the game quicker. Let’s check it out right now.

Taming.io servers remove the barriers from dealing with your worldwide game server foundation. So you can zero in on making extraordinary games quicker, without expanding intricacy or settling on execution. What’s interesting about Taming servers? Let’s check it out right now!

What is the Taming.io game?

Taming.io is an endurance game with wizardry pets. You need to gather assets to make your town. Level up to open new art and weapons. Spot windmills to create gold. Tame creatures and cause them to advance in epic fights!

Gather brilliant golden apples in chests to restore your health or custom your character and pets. Each pet has an uncommon capacity, with its shortcoming and preferred position. Fire, Ice, Rock, Water, Electricity, Poison, Damage, Regen … Pick your pet to begin and tame new ones in-game. Assemble your military and battle different tamers!

How are servers working in Taming.io?

Taming.io server is a server that is the legitimate cause of occasions in a multiplayer computer game. The server communicates enough information about its interior state to permit its associated customers to keep up their own exact rendition of the game world for the show to players. They additionally get and measure every player’s information.

Taming.io Servers
Taming.io Servers

Taming.io servers eliminate the barriers from managing your overall game worker establishment, so you can focus on making remarkable games faster, without growing multifaceted design or choosing execution.

What is the Taming.io server?

Taming.io servers contain a lot of servers around the world. Numerous servers in this game and there are a lot of configurations for you to choose.

Very low:

  • Chicago #1
  • Miami #2


  • Seattle #1
  • Seattle #2
  • Atlanta #1
  • Atlanta #2
  • Atlanta #3
  • Atlanta #4
  • Atlanta #5
  • Chicago #2
  • Chicago #3
  • Dallas #1
  • Dallas #3
  • Los Angeles #2
  • Los Angeles #3
  • Miami #3
  • Miami #4
  • New York #2
  • New York #4
  • New York #1
  • New York #5
  • Silicon Valley #1
  • Toronto #2
  • Toronto #3


  • Chicago #4
  • Chicago #5
  • Dallas #2
  • Frankfurt #1
  • Frankfurt #2
  • Frankfurt #3
  • Frankfurt #4
  • Los Angeles #1
  • Miami #1
  • New York #3
  • Paris #1
  • Paris #3
  • Paris #4
  • Silicon Valley #2
  • Toronto #1
  • Toronto #4


  • Frankfurt #5
  • Paris #2
  • Singapore #1
  • Singapore #2
  • Singapore #3
  • Sydney #1
  • Tokyo #1

You can choose your suitable server for you to play the game. Servers help you to get a smooth playing experience. All servers are corresponding to a geographic area.

How you enjoy taming.io servers?

The server is for multiplayer to play. Grab your friends to play this game together! Make a team to tame pets and defeat the others. Every server is an entire family in one. You have various sorts of individuals and everyone gets along so well. You join and you in the long run work your way into your side of the family. Players totally love these servers. Players will become a whole family together on many occasions, and so forth players haven’t actually been separated of a dissension gathering so profoundly previously. So come join the Taming servers. In this game, we acknowledge you regardless of what your identity is, what nation you come from.

How you choose your server and play the Taming.io game?

Firstly, open the Taming.io game.

Secondly, at the top of the screen, on the left, you can see the servers to choose from.

Thirdly, select the server you like.

Fourth, write a name for your pet and click the button “Play” to start playing the game.

Finally, enjoy the game!

Taming. io is an exciting multiplayer game for every player in the world. For those who love capturing games with wild animals, taming, and building your village, you will absolutely love this game. And don’t forget to invite your friends to play with you.

We would love to hear your feedback about our game! If you want to know more about tips and tricks, you can find out more on our website.

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