Taming.io win really that simple? What tips and tricks do you know to increase the odds of winning? All your questions will be answered through this article

Taming.io win is one of the questions that many players are interested in at the moment. Actually, this game depends a lot on the skill of the player. But we believe that some of the tips and tricks provided below will help you increase your odds of winning the levels. Try to refer and apply in the game to feel the impact it brings.

What kind of game is Taming.io? What’s interesting about it?

Attractive survival gameplay, multiplayer
Attractive survival gameplay, multiplayer

Basically, Taming.io is developed based on the io platform. This means that it will bring players to extremely competitive battles with other opponents around the world. In this game, the player’s task is to try to develop the character as well as create new types of pets with destructive power.

To do that, you need to collect available resources on the map, fight evil enemies, or simply protect your character by crafting separators, etc. How to play this game on PC is also quite simple. Players just need to open a browser and log in to the game’s website. Then, choose your favorite server, give your pet a name and press the “Play” button to experience the game immediately.

How to play Taming.io to win

Before you start learning about tips and tricks to increase your odds of winning, you need to understand the general gameplay of this game.

  • It’s basically an io-style survival game. Therefore, players need to be very patient to develop the character’s strength. If defeated, you will start everything from 0.
  • Accordingly, the player will have to control his character to move around the map to collect resources. Level up and unlock new weapons to increase your power.
  • Generate gold by standing near the windmills in the game.
  • Besides, don’t forget to collect new pets to accompany you throughout the experience. They will be a great assistant for you in every battle.
  • Besides the appearance of pets, Taming.io also integrates a lot of different weapons. They will help players defeat their opponents quickly in battles. However, learn how to use weapons and learn about them to increase your odds of winning in battle.

Note, do not participate in battles too much. Develop your character peacefully to avoid having to start over. It will consume a lot of your time.

Taming.io win and some tricks that you should not miss

Some tips and tricks used by many players to increase their winning rate
Some tips and tricks used by many players to increase their winning rate

1. Learn more about the power of each type of pet

Taming.io offers a variety of pets that allow players to easily choose depending on their needs. But to maximize the power of each type of pet, you need to know the information related to them. Pet-related stats mainly depend on factors such as Speed, Damage dealt, Life, Skill, and cooldown.

For example, the Wolf can hunt other creatures quickly, but it won’t be able to chase a certain player even at its maximum size. Or the Cow has the ability to restore HP to the player’s other pets. If you want to become a professional Taming.io player, you should not ignore the reference to the parameters related to each type of pet.

2. Change weapons in case of necessity

In the most recent update, Taming.io currently offers 6 different weapons. Just like pets, weapons are also classified into different types with distinct advantages and disadvantages. This means that players need to read information related to the weapons in the game. Then, rely on the properties they bring to change weapons continuously in clashes with other opponents.

For example, when an enemy uses a sword, you can change your weapon to a spear. Because spears can strike farther than swords, use the spear’s range to finish off sword-wielding enemies. However, if you approach the enemy too close, they will easily finish you off. Besides, the bow is also a suitable weapon to gain an advantage against opponents who use swords.

3. Don’t be too aggressive

Sometimes aggressiveness, good fighting will make you lose to your opponent easily. This is a battle involving a lot of people, keep a cool head in the battle. Because if you constantly fight other opponents, their HP will decrease quickly. Accordingly, the remaining people can take advantage of this to defeat you immediately. Depending on the situation, enter the battles as the strongest, do not turn into a fugitive.

4. Ensure adequate food intake

Food is one of the most important elements of a survival game, Taming.io is no exception. Food in this game will help your character ensure the health and restore HP after each battle. The foods in the game are divided into many different units and effects. Includes sandwiches, cakes, apples, waffles,…

Overall rating tips and tricks to win Taming.io game

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find some tips and tricks to win Taming.io game easily. Follow the instructions above to increase your odds of winning while playing the game.

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